Turning Two – The grandmother with a dream!
Turning Two – The grandmother with a dream!
Kiran and Neha

“Dreams are special because of the possibility of them coming true”.

Often quoted but seldom experienced! However, for a grandmother with a dream, this statement rings very true.

Studio Gulaal recently celebrated the second birthday of its Flagship Store in Kormangala, Bengaluru. But this brand was born in the heart of a young woman over 35 years ago, as she quietly kept her ambitions on the back burner to willingly give herself to the upbringing of her family.

When Kiran Shrivastava decided to use her services as a qualified psychotherapist and counselor at NGOs in Nagpur and then Mumbai, the dream still smoldered and saw itself in the form of small endeavors, or what we middle class like to call ‘side businesses’ where she would put in extra hours with a friend to put up small exhibitions of garments.

When at the age of 60 she found herself in a new city and faced with the dilemma of job hunting, Kiran decided to turn full time entrepreneur. The desire to build a business on her passion for fashion was so strong, that she kept aside the usual nagging doubts that plague those who think that retirement is for resting. As her daughter in law, when I decided to join her in this pursuit, I was an anomaly – in a culture where “saas-bahu and saazish” reigns supreme! However, it is just testament to the fact that two women joined by a passion to achieve more than the ordinary can definitely work, live and hope together!

Through every challenge and points where as entrepreneurs doubts besieged us, it was her spirit that gave the push to go on. Often when business discussions flare into raging arguments as they inevitably do, her counsel and patience always wins the day.

 To this lady and her decision to never give up on her dream no matter what, I dedicate the two years of the beautiful Flagship Store by Studio Gulaal.

To all the women out there, who have the desire to be independent, or make a mark, or simply pursue their passion, go for it! If Kiran Shrivastava could follow hers 30 years down the lane, you can too!

Watch an interview with Kiran Shrivastava here – The Grandmother with a Dream

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