Baking up a storm, from passion to business – Sunita’s story
Baking up a storm, from passion to business – Sunita’s story
Sunita is a bundle of energy and love as any of her students will tell you. This talented home baker turned entrepreneur decided to start classes for baking. Her already flourishing home baking business helped her reach out to people and “Melting Moments” was born. Her story is bound to inspire…
Sunita with one of her creations
SG: What drives you to do what you do?

Sunita:  Firstly, I was lucky to have the God-given opportunity to learn baking and cake decorating. Consequently, I discovered that I had a talent for it. Furthermore, my own interest and passion helped me develop techniques and methods that were my own unique twist.  I was able to turn my passion into an income because of my husband’s support. It struck me that I could help a lot of other women who would like the opportunity to stand on their own feet. I decided to offer them a place where they can learn something different and useful.

Today I am so thankful that I have had the chance to be a teacher and more importantly a supportive mentor to those who need it. I hope this is a place where they can share their story too because I often find myself counseling my students and motivating them to achieve their dreams. Today Melting Moments is more about making a difference, the income is a wonderful by-product.

SG: What were the challenges you faced on your journey?

Sunita: As a full-time mother to two kids and a homemaker and wife I had my hands full. I would get up at 4 am to plan my day.  That ensured I managed to give time and attention to work as well as the family. I often had to make a choice with where to spend my time. My kids would feel that I never simply spent time with them doing fun things. I always prioritized the time with them for school, classes and ensuring they were safe and growing the right way. We never let them know the sacrifices and the pain that we went through. Consequently, today they appreciate those sacrifices made as and when I was able to support my husband’s income with my own, we were able to give them all the comforts that we wanted to.

SG: Who has been your biggest support?

Sunita: Without a doubt, my family.  When I truly wanted to learn something new, my husband would chip in financially. I would tell him that there may not be a lot of ROI, But he would always say” You can’t learn to swim by standing on the side… jump in”. So I stopped worrying about the result and focussed on making the most of what opportunities I was gifted with. From strength to strength I have seen my little enterprise grow and I am thankful for everything that my husband and family did for me on this journey.

SG: Who would you say has been your biggest inspiration

Sunita: My husband. His constant support and words of wisdom helped me when I had doubts regarding myself, most importantly, he showed me that one needed faith to simply jump in and swim.

SG: What are your plans for Melting Moments

Sunita: I prefer to take opportunities as they come and be thankful for every milestone, big or small. I believe that God has a plan. It is important to use the talents that he has blessed us with to make a difference in the world we live in. I do have a dream to create a small space that can be a platform for budding bakers because there are those who want a space that is welcoming and open. I want to offer a place where they can explore their talents.

SG: What does “Being Phenomenal” mean to you?

Sunita: Using my profession as a service to society has been a blessing to me. It feels marvelous when someone is encouraged by you especially when you are able to challenge someone to achieve their dreams. To me “Being Phenomenal” is exactly that – Consistently moving forward, taking everyone along.

Melting Moments by Sunita conducts baking and cake decorating classes for adults and children. Great learnings and lasting friendships are the highlights of these classes, besides the yummy skills of course! Sunita truly is a Phenomenal Woman!
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