Baby care revisited with Mansi Zaveri – A mother’s journey
Baby care revisited with Mansi Zaveri – A mother’s journey

Mansi Zaveri is the founder of A pioneering baby care and parenting platform that since its inception in 2013 has been constantly innovating and changing the way digital helps navigate the tricky paths of parenthood. With a career spanning 15 years in the communication, retail and lifestyle categories, Mansi shared that her biggest strength was consumer insight, which ultimately helped her turn entrepreneur with the platform.

SG: What made you start KSP?

Mansi: I had my first baby when I was working as the Head of Marketing for a leading fashion brand in India. It made me aware of the need gap for parents who were bringing up children in a nuclear family set up. At the time information in baby care and parenting, space was not easily accessible. The information available was scattered and there was hesitation in trusting what was said. I decided to start KSP after speaking to many parents in situations similar to mine. I envisioned it as more than a blog, more like an advisory platform where parents could get verified information that was trustworthy and experience-based.

SG: Who are your audience?

Mansi:  KSP is primarily a baby care and parenting platform aimed at those living in nuclear families in metro cities. We have also found a growing audience among other cities as well, where there is an increasing trend of working parents and digital reach. We have also observed that fathers too are active subscribers with 20% of readership coming from them. Apart from India, our readership extends to many other families living abroad, who wish to maintain strong roots.

SG: Were there challenges that you faced on your entrepreneurial journey?

Mansi: I firmly believe that only when one welcomes and celebrates challenges, can one become an entrepreneur. As Steve Jobs said, one must fail forwards. So through all the trials and challenges, I have tried my best to be a constant learner. Having said that, I would like to share that taking the decision to quit my job in favor of pursuing my idea was one of the toughest decisions. It’s been my experience, that when an idea is strong enough and your mind is made up, you just know that it’s the right thing to do.

As an entrepreneur and a parent, however, I feel that the two main challenges that I had to deal with were time management and transfer of vision. Being a mom meant that I had to prioritize, delegate and empower others to do things that I would have otherwise held to myself. This, in turn, made it imperative that I translate my vision for KSP to everyone who was part of it. From the person who was in charge of content to the person taking subscriptions, everyone had to be on board. Baby care and parenting are areas where one has to always ensure trust and quality.

baby care starts at home
Mansi Zaveri

SG: What makes the struggle worth it?

Mansi: The fact that both my daughters want to be part of KSP makes me feel very happy. In addition to that, we get great positive feedback from parents, telling us how we have made things better for them. This makes everything worthwhile.

SG: Where do you see KSP in 2020?

Mansi: Technology changing the way we live every single day. I would say I simply want KSP to be the most trusted platform for parenting and baby care advice. Every parent should have access to KSP and engage with us. We believe that trust is our biggest strength. Moreover, our focus is on making sure we stay true to our soul as a brand.

SG: Any new things that we should watch out for?

Mansi: Yes! We have a whole new set of interesting things that are rolling out come August this year. In keeping with our image of being innovators in this space, we are bringing parents the latest in the art of Parenthood.  This includes subscription-based play activities and innovations in videos.

SG: Who would you say is your role model?

Mansi: Oprah… for the way, she created a concept that did not exist and cultivated a niche for herself. I see a little bit of my journey in there. I too was entering a space that had hardly any players. When I spoke to people about the concept they seemed highly skeptical of even the existence of such a category in the online space. I also admire the positive impact Oprah’s work has had on society. I hope I can create a positive impact with KSP as well.

SG: What does Being Phenomenal mean to you?

Mansi: To me it means simply doing what you love every day!

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